Hindu Dating in the 21st Century

Many people today still tend to think of Hindu dating as non-existent. This is because of the past practice of arranged marriages. While this practice still occurs among many traditional Hindus, it is becoming less common, at least for those who have emigrated from their home country into places where dating and marriage are more common. While Hindu dating may be more common today than it was in the past, Hindu beliefs during dating remain the same. For those Hindus who have not been raised under the crown of strict Hinduism some of these beliefs may be difficult to follow.

Those who are party to an arranged marriage do not have the option of Hindu dating—they do not usually meet the person they are going to marry until the day of the wedding. There are some exceptions to this rule, however; some traditions allow the potential bride to meeting several potential grooms and choose from among them. While some people feel arranged marriages are doomed to failure because the couple does not experience the dating phase, other statisticians believe it actually decreased the number of failed marriages because the couple falls in love after they marry and learn to know one another.

During Hindu dating there is no sexual contact permitted and after marriage it is to be for procreation only. In addition the consumption of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden thus dating that involves going to a club and drink is strictly forbidden. While this is not something that presents a problem in most cases, if you date someone who is outside of the Hindu faith you may be setting yourself up for failure. It’s important to choose a dating partner that shares the same belief system, especially when the belief system in Hinduism is so strong.

For a practicing Hindu it is best to date other Hindus who share the same beliefs. One of the best ways to find other Hindus is through an online dating service that specializes in matching Hindu singles. Hindu dating is much easier for those couples who connect with others of the same faith in order to make the transition from dating to marriage smoother. Of course those who are candidates for arranged marriages are not permitted to date, so they do not face the same challenges other Hindus face.

A problem that may face Hindus, even those who date those within the faith, is the difference in religious beliefs. While some Hindus are monotheistic others pay loyalty to more than one god. If the couple is of opposing views it may create conflict within the Hindu dating relationship. However, online dating can solve the problem is you find out enough information prior to the in person meeting to know where each person stands on the issue of theology. The couple must be in sync with one another on all issues including faith, alcohol and drug consumption and sexual issues or the relationship will be doomed before it starts.


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